Ubuntu14.04, apache, go-daddy,Domain: wirsys.ca

HI folks,
I get the following error from my domain name: wirsys.ca when i try to install letsencrypt. Have read all the threads linked to this issue, nothing resolves my issue. Any help?

Domain: wirsys.ca
Type: unauthorized
Detail: Invalid response from http://wirsys.ca/.well-known/acme-challenge/JgTfkf_MoOYjsQYhfZHFvWJDctj5wBer64mwvcT9E-Y: "<iframe src=“http://mcc.godaddy.com/par

Seems like your domain is just a parking page, or you have one too many A records.

wirsys.ca.              505     IN      A
wirsys.ca.              505     IN      A

You need to point the domain at the server where your website is hosted, and then issue the Let’s Encrypt certificate from that server.

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Many thanks for your prompt response.
There is only one A record, @ -, if you type wirsys.ca you should be able to see the default ubuntu page

Yes, the other record is gone now. If you try issue a certificate again, it should either succeed or give you a new error.


Many thanks and great help., yes the certificate works now. The mysterious DNS record was placed in by DNS host go-daddy without my permission, this would display some silly ad.
Thanks buddy once again


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