Ubuntu 14.04's letsencrypt client - no pre/post hooks

I noticed that letsencrypt client supplied from Ubuntu 14.04 standard repository lacks ‘pre-hook’/‘post-hook’ options when trying to renew in standalone mode. Not too convenient, I have to use various tricks to ensure that Web server has indeed stopped.

Is it possible to include the mentioned hooks options?

letsencrypt current version: 0.4.1


You can update to a more recent version of certbot (the new name of the client formerly known as letsencrypt) that supports pre/post hooks from this PPA, which is maintained by the same people who maintain certbot in Debian and Ubuntu proper:


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To add, there are specific installation instructions for 14.04/Trusty here: https://certbot.eff.org/lets-encrypt/ubuntutrusty-apache

Thanks for the references, will check ASAP.

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