Client Version 0.5.0

Version 0.5.0 of the Let’s Encrypt client has just been released. Some
of the new features included in this release are:

  • The ability to use the webroot plugin interactively.
  • The flags --pre-hook, --post-hook, and --renew-hook which can be used
    with the renew subcommand to register shell commands to run in
    response to renewal events. Pre-hook commands will be run before
    any certs are renewed, post-hook commands will be run after any
    certs are renewed, and renew-hook commands will be run after each
    cert is renewed. If no certs are due for renewal, no command is run.
  • Cleaner renewal configuration files. In /etc/letsencrypt/renewal by
    default, these files can be used to control what parameters are used
    when renewing a specific certificate.
  • A -q/–quiet flag which silences all output except errors.
  • An --allow-subset-of-domains flag which can be used with the renew
    command to prevent renewal failures for a subset of the requested
    domains from causing the client to exit.

A complete list of changes can be found at:


OK, so this version is a real pain. Something changed so that it cannot determine the Apache config file for server aliases so it’s not updating the config for me in version 0.5.0. It all worked fine with client version 0.4.2.

@bret.miller, this might an instance of which we’re working on a fix for.

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