Txt syntax for bind9


It seems that I can’t find any good syntax for txt record for bind9. Does anyone have some ?
I found out that the value should be in « »
But that doesn’t seem to be enough.


Hi @boistordu,

_acme-challenge IN TXT "here the token"


_acme-challenge.yourdomain.tld. IN TXT "here the token"

Edit: Added 2 examples for a subdomain.

_acme-challenge.subdomain IN TXT "here the token"


_acme-challenge.subdomain.yourdomain.tld. IN TXT "here the token"



I don’t know why for the moment but it doesn’t return any result so I guess I’m missing something


Is the TXT protected by the same protection than CNAME ? So to get any result I should have the transfer available for everyone ?


Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean.


I got my answer by testing it. I couldn’t get any dig or nslookup -a=txt because of protection of transfer zone. If any devices would try it it would shown as access denied in logs.
And for the previous attempt with certbot, I’ve been stupid enough to forget the point at the end of the name.
Thanks for your help


Don’t allow zone-transfer for everybody! This is not needed for general DNS operation, e.g. querying arbitrary records.


Don’t worry I let the protection in place :slight_smile:


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