Tutorial for using ssl on ddns services

This will be usefull on how to deploy ssl on free dynamic domain name services like no-ip.

I have a server at for testing.


Nat rules on ports 80 and 443 for internal webserver Ubuntu LAMP at host

I Will perform a documented procedure for evaluation and setup for sharing will all.

Hi @lmelo,

Sorry but it is not clear to me if you are announcing a tutorial that you are preparing right now or you are requesting a tutorial. Whatever, issuing a cert for a free dynamic domain follows the same procedure as for a “normal” domain.

The only thing is that you will need to issue the cert using http or tls challenges, you can’t use dns challenge to validate the free dynamic domain, maybe some free dynamic domain allow to add the TXT records needed for the DNS challenge to their DNS servers but I doubt it.

The other thing you should take care is that the parent domain of the DDNS server that you will use needs to be included in the Public Suffix List (here is the list) or it could be near impossible to issue a cert for the domain because you will hit the rate limits.

Good luck,

Hi There,

Thank you for the interest shown. It is perfectly clear that what I am exposing is a setup base, from wich I will create an ssl certificate using let’s encrypt.

The procedure will be documented for easy use.

@lmelo, you should start reading the documentation for certbot client, that should be the best base to prepare your document.

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