Issuing a certificate on a new server before site migration

I am in the process of migrating a site to a new VPS and would like to have SSL set up and ready to go before updating the DNS zone file. Is there some way to manually validate ownership of the domain on the new server with having an public DNS record pointing there? I have access to the existing server but it’s a shared hosting environment and the most I can do is access it via ftp. In the past I’ve simply used the apache module which automates the installation of the temporary file to well-known/pki-validation. Can I create the file manually and upload it to the existing server?

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Seems the option I needed is certbot certonly --manual which provides a fairly intuitive walkthrough of the process. Mods, feel free to delete both my question and answer here or leave it if you think it will benefit others. I couldn’t find a duplicate but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one…


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