Create new certificates for unmanaged zone (apache, debian, bind)

Good afternoon ! First of all, thanks a lot for all your work !

I have a production server who use LE certificates, I had configured it with the certbot --apache command, and it’s perfect.

In a few days, I have to switch my actual server to a new server, this new server is almost finish.

I have bind9 on it, with my zones pre configurated for my sites.

I want to create the certificates for the new sever before I change my dns configuration (switching from future old server to the new one ^^), but with certbot --apache the challenge can’t work because my domains are managed by my actual server.

Can we use certbot --apache with another auth method or use with the pre-delegated dns ?

Certbot --apache is really simple and works perfectly, I prefer stick to this method if I can

If you are going to host the same domains on the new server as currently on the old server, you just have to copy certificates and private keys to the new server. There is no need to issue new certificates in this case.

the server hostname change, it is not an issue ?

If you have issued certificates for your domains only, and they are NOT subdomains of the server hostname, then it does not matter. But I have to admit, your information could be misunderstanding.

Thanks for your help, the hostname is independent from the websites domains, I will copy the certs.
It was too simple for thinking it was the good solution: smiley:

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