Trying to add a wildcard certificate but browsers still recognize an expired one. How do I remove this?


I am trying to add a wildcard domain. We've added 3 successfully previously but this one we are trying to add, whilst it seems to be successfully added by certbot/letsencrypt through DNS validation (gives an expiry date of 3 months time), when I access the domain via the browser I get an error and the message:
Issued by
Expired Monday 12th July 2021
"" certificate is not trusted

I don't know where it is getting this old expired certificate from and why this is overriding the new LetsEncrypt one.

Can anyone provide any guidance. Am trying to urgently get it resolved before Christmas.
Will pay $50 to the right solution!


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Hi @kyle and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

As it's been more than 4h since your post and I see no "takers" ...
I'll do my best to help you out.

Please provide:

  • domain name(s) involved
  • web server type )and version)
  • O/S type (and version)

I guess you don't really need any help.


Hi @rg305

Sorry I didn't get any email notifications so didn't realise you had replied. Rather than putting all the domain details here, could you email me and I provide these to you via email.

If we get it sorted I'll add the solution to this thread and send you $50

Thank you



Generally, once you create the cert your server configuration needs update to use that cert and then needs to be reloaded / restarted to take effect. It seems like one or more of these things did not happen.

If you provided details of your server and oper sys we could be more specific. I do not wish to interact via email or PM but others may.

Also, there are consultants who offer paid assistance. This is an alternative approach if you are unwilling to share details in this forum.


Sorry for the skepticism, but haven't you heard of DM (direct messaging)?
There is no need for anyone to send emails with you (outside this forum) to resolve your problem.


Hi @rg305

I haven't been able to as there were no DM options anywhere. Have since found this --> New user? Can't send direct messages? It's due to your new account's "trust level" - Meta - Rubin Observatory LSST Community forum.

Now I am able to send a DM so will do. Will update this thread afterwards

Thank you for your help assistance.


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