Consultants who support Let's Encrypt

This topic is meant to help users find paid support services for Let’s Encrypt. Each person or company can make one post here describing that person or company’s background and service offerings.

A few background notes:

  • Asking questions here on the forum (not in this topic—by starting a new topic!) is the recommended way for Let’s Encrypt users to get help, and is always free of charge. You never have to pay for help on the forum, including help from people mentioned in this thread.
  • Paid support might be relevant if you want to pay someone to proactively solve your problem for you, or if, for some reason, you can’t share any of the details of your site.
  • People offering services in this thread are not employed by ISRG/Let’s Encrypt, and it can’t guarantee the quality of their support. The services advertised here are from third parties.

At present I don’t offer much in the way of paid services, but the expanding set of tools I provide on my website are available for free to those trying to utilize or aid others with Let’s Encrypt.

  • Get absolutely-free wildcard certificates in seconds with no installation or configuration of an acme client. No limits on the number of certificates (except those imposed by Let’s Encrypt). For a price, I can setup a similar system exclusively for your domain and subdomains.
  • Instant decoding of PEM-formatted public keys, private keys (at your own risk), certificate signing requests (CSRs), and certificates (CRTs) with additional support coming soon for more types and encryption methods
  • DNS record checking coming soon to aid with ensuring record visibility when performing manual (or debug) DNS challenges

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