Certificate expiration for wildcard domains


I've got a couple of expiry bot emails stating the certificate on my domain will expire soon. I don't use the domain (let's say mydomain.com) itself with a website, however I have a number of subdomain websites (abc.mydomain.com, xyz.mydomain.com, etc).

The wildcard certificate is fine and not about to expire and all those websites show no problems with the wildcard certificate.

I thought that wildcard certificates include the domain itself, is that not the case?

Do I need to worry about the certificate for *.mydomain.com when I'm getting expiry notices for mydomain.com?

Thank you!

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They might refer to different certificates. If you tell us the domain name we can actually check what's expiring and what's not.


"*.example.com" does not cover "example.com".

You would need to include it in the cert [if needed].



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