Trouble creating certificates


i run into troubles installing letsencryt and get the certificates.

Thats the log from installing letsencrypt via git:

Thats all, and /etc/letsencrypt wasn´t created.

Looking for any help.

Thanks in advance


Hi @mentor. Sorry you’ve been having trouble. The last output from the script being " Creating virtual environment…" tells me that the letsencrypt-auto script failed to install the Let’s Encrypt client. The most likely problem is letsencrypt-auto expects the name of Python to be python2 which does not exist on Debian squeeze (see #1078).

While you can get around this using symlinks or modifying the script (lines 67 and 69 as of writing this post), the next problem you’d encounter is Let’s Encrypt currently doesn’t work on Python 2.6 (see #1046). If you can get an install of Python 2.7 on your system, you should be able to use that without any trouble. Otherwise, I’d keep an eye on #1046 and try the client again when we have working Python 2.6 support. I apologize that I’m unable to provide a better solution to the problem at this time.

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Hi @bmw, ok will wait for python 2.6 support.