Transparent certificate policy


Long time fan, first time poster here. The “About” page states:
“Transparent: All certificates issued or revoked will be publicly recorded and available for anyone to inspect.”

I am having some trouble locating these records. Can someone point me to accessing the publicly recorded and available certificates that have been issued?



All certificates are pushed to Certificate Transparency log servers.

You can use to search through the contents of various CT log servers.

Sure enough. I should have looked harder. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! We should add a link to our records in that entry.

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I hope the maintainers are OK with the high volume of use that we’ve been sending to their site. It’s an extremely useful service!

Just to be clear for other folks reading this thread, isn’t itself where the logs are published; it’s just a very convenient UI for searching them.

This also exists:

Not sure if it’s new, but I haven’t seen it before.