No new let's encrypt certificates on

Hi all,
I don’t see any new Let’s Encrypt certificates on since May 4th?
Does anybody know why?

They’ve been having database problems for a few days -!topic/crtsh/ZOscOEUYeHE .

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Hi @johnbaum is currently buggy.

Use Google

-- hat two interfaces - the web interface and a PostGreSql-interface. I've used the PostGreSql in my tool, that didn't work (~~ 2019-04-15), later it worked some hours. Last Saturday I've added a fallback to the webinterface, but new certificates ( Letsencrypt error DNS problem: NXDOMAIN looking up A for etc ) aren't listet. Google shows that certificate.


Thanks so much for your reply, but the google one doesn’t work so well for me. Do you know any other alternative, even paid?

Thanks again

Perhaps Cert Spotter - Certificate Transparency Monitor - Detect Security and Availability Problems will meet your needs? There's also

Not really. Entrust

has a search, but checking the new domain of the other thread (, entrust and don't show the certificate (created 5. Mai 2019, 21:40:35 GMT).

Hope the new Letsencrypt CT log is coming. With a good API :wink:

All currently qualified CT logs offer the same API described in RFC 6962 and the LE log will be the same. If you’re looking for an easy way to search/monitor a CT log the API from RFC 6962 (and the upcoming Let’s Encrypt log) won’t help you without implementing the monitoring. You’re looking for a log monitor, not a log itself :slight_smile: We have no plans to offer a monitor.



Ok, I need a monitor. Mhm. has an ODBC Sql option, that’s very easy to use. And it’s possible to create a query

Where reverse(lower(ci.NAME_VALUE)) Like reverse(lower(''))
And ci.CERTIFICATE_ID > last_id_saved_local

There is an index reverse(lower(NAME_VALUE)), so this query is amazing.

And checking a domain three times (without a new certificate) the second and third query - don’t return results, ci.CERTIFICATE_ID > last_id_saved_local blocks it.

The website (with JSON-output) doesn’t have such a feature.

But if the website doesn’t work …

Certspotter has an API

1000 queries per hour are free. Perhaps I should use that.

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Drifting slightly off-topic but Certmonitor’s public stats make it easy to see why monitoring CT logs is often a paid product. To keep track of all of the CT logs that Certspotter monitors takes 6,097 GB of disk space and counting!


I hope will be back soon, although I’m really not sure.


I’ve updated my tool.

Now CertSpotter is used to fetch active certificates.

Expired certificates aren’t sent back. But one CertSpotter-check per one Domain-check is save enough.

Now it’s a fallback if doesn’t work.

A current check shows a new certificate, created this evening.


Now works.

The (created from a user this sunday) is now listed. The PostgreSql-Interface works again.

A Letsencrypt certificate (found from my tool) not before 2019-05-08 23:16:23 isn’t visible via, CertSpotter shows that certificate.

So works, but isn’t up to date.

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