Too many certificates already issued for my domain. how to check cert log

When I use Powershell to get a series certificates, I get the error: Error creating new order :: too many certificates already issued for: see

So I knew that the number of the certificates already reached the limitation this week. but I’m not sure I sent how many requests for new certificate. I had sent some request of new cert just for testing in the last few days. So my question is, where can I found all new cert requests log? I need to make sure when can I continue my testing.


Let’s Encrypt doesn’t have a specific API for that.

However, Let’s Encrypt does publish certificates to the public Certificate Transparency logs, so you can search for your domain on a service like or CertSpotter and examine the results.

(Note that shows two entries for almost every modern certificate. You would have to check and manually deduplicate them.)

Among other options, Let’s Debug also has a simple tool that will search and do the math for you.

(Note also that you can’t count on CT logs – or CT monitoring websites – to be completely up-to-date. Certificates usually take a few minutes to show up, and sometimes longer.)

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There is also a nice tool called lectl by @sahsanu

(I haven’t seen people using it as much recently, but I think it still works!)

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