Too many cert for my domain

Hello, i wrote a script to auto-renew my certificate on my server. During this i had to try the script a few time to be sure all is working fine.Now when i try to renew i got this (i write the script last week):

There were too many requests of a given type:: Error creating new cert:: Too many certificates already issued For : (domain name)

so i would just like to be sure that it will be ok to renew it for real in few months.

thank you for your help


There are two limitations
Rate limit on registrations per IP is now 10 per 3 hours.
Rate limit on certificates per Domain is now 5 per 7 days.
(taken from

That means it will be okay in a few months - actually it will be ok in 7 days. Since the per Domain limit is 5 certs per week, if you have more than 5 requests for a domain you shouldn’t leave all renewals for the last week.


thank you for your answer