To the volunteers

Happy Holidays to you all, especially the volunteers who make this site continue to be effective. I admire your skills and your patience!

No matter what deities or demons you possess, or profess, you all seem genuinely motivated to help others, to solve problems, and to persist in your pursuit of excellence. It has been an instructive journey for LE, and the years have been kind.

I do admire your technical skills, and your stubbornness (and sometimes your instincts and ouija board!).

As a Numunu Straight Dancer, please allow this old (unix) Warrior to offer my sincere thanks to you all!

I grew up in personal acquaintance with Dyjkstra, Hoare, Wirth, Gries, Straustrup, (and even Stallman!) and it takes a lot to impress me.

Haww! Ura! T'saa T'abini ! M'essina !


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