How in the livin

I confess, given the utter lack of information that some of the correspondents provide, I don't have a clue how in the "livin' 'ell" some of the volunteers manage to get problems solved anyway!

Your volunteers are, frankly, really impressive! I'm no rookie, and it takes a lot to bumfoozle me, but I can't hold a candle to the broadness of knowledge (and shrewd guesses!!) displayed by some of the folks on this forum.

Just wow!

73 es 30 de Buffalo


I rely heavily on my :crystal_ball:


And a


I've thought about this for a while and I'm starting to realize that it really isn't voodoo magic that finds the answers.
It comes down to effort.
Most people are not willing to exert a great amount of it for FREE.
Some of these "challenges" do require more than normal effort and the difference here is that there are many volunteers that are willing to put in the required extra effort.
Not science, just elbow grease - and lots of it.
This community excels in that respect indeed!

But I could be wrong ... some might be Whiches or Worlocks - LOL


And I thought maybe it was their elixirs:beers:


I could not make some of the shrewd guesses, no matter what music I listened to. Sober, loaded, buzzed, or whatever. Sometimes an exorcism is needed, or perhaps sacrificing a goat would be appropriate. Certainly it must involve creative profanity.

I suspect that folks just "have a feeling" sometimes and that pays off. I tend to like the witches and warlocks theory.

Whatever you are doing, keep it up!


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