Thanks to the Moderators and Staff

I have been reading quite a bit of the questions and responses on the forum.

I must comment that the moderators and responders have exhibited a rather remarkable
amount of patience and civility - much more than some of the posters! (And more
than some of the postings deserve by far!)

I’m a fellow who is retired, running a server for a hobby, and attempting to keep
it as an example of “best practices”, just for the fun of it. (I’m a retired CS professor.)
Technically, you can’t surprise me. Socially, you surprise me every day.

This post is intended to just say “Well Done” to the moderators, (most) of the responders,
and to the supportive and constructive community of Lets Encrypt.

This post does not contribute anything really, except to say “Atta Boy!”. Sorry to waste
the bandwidth, but sometimes it needs saying.


Thanks @Buffalo! That really warms my heart to hear. We care a lot about being a supportive and constructive community here, and we work hard at it. Knowing that that shines through when you read the posts makes it all worthwhile.


I also like to do "just for fun" things.
Here are some sites to compare (grade/review) your success along the way:
[in no particular order]

Thanks! I also like

With LetsEncrypt 's help I get A+ on SSLLabs and HTBridge (including mail ports
using the LetsEncrypt certs as well)

DNSSEC took a little doing, but dnsviz shows that I’m in good shape there too.

Running Ubuntu, Apache, postfix, Perl, MySQL, and the usual culprits.


Also this:


Thanks for the kind words @buffalo!

Not at all a waste of bandwidth :slight_smile: I find these sorts of messages very energizing.


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