Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem)

I just had a conversation with a professional and we just got to the bottom of it.
I don't need a DNS server since I already have my domain name.
In fact my ipv4 address is not full stack. Since there are not enough ipv4 addresses available, my operator shares his ipv4 addresses with different port ranges. Port 80 and 443 were not available for me so I asked my operator to get a full stack ipv4 address. Once this is done I will just have to put a NAT rule to redirect the port and it will work.
I don't want to close this forum for the moment for possible problems but normally it will be fine
Thanks for your help


That is good news; But, you have not addressed the IPv6 path:
[When present, LE prefers IPv6 over IPv4]

Name:      multimedia-share.freeboxos.fr
Addresses: 2a01:e0a:8f8:9110::1

@rg305 It is not me who manages my domain name, I created it and I can modify the subdomain but the domain name is managed by my ISP

That doesn't change:

You should address the IPv6 path by speaking with your ISP.
Make sure it also works correctly.


freeboxos.fr is in the PUBLIC SUFFIX LIST



Good to know.
But, even so, it seems that all things DNS related have been delegated to whomever also performs as their ISP.


Agreed. :beers:

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The certificate generation went well with certbot, I then used openssl to generate a pkcs12 file and it works with my Jellyfin server.
Thanks for your help.


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