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Managing Letsencrypt certificates - sometimes it’s difficult. So there is a closed topic with some annotations.

Third party Tools to check your configuration

If a link is broken or if you have ideas - send a PM or use this topic.

2 Likes is usefull too (For the TLS scanner mainly) for DNSSEC to test the IPv6 connectivity from different locations

maybe off topic :

1 Like Online curl tool Check if a record is available from all authoritative NS server.


Thanks. Added both, aggregated. If a site has a lot of tools, the start page or the page with the complete tool list is preferred.

One day later: Created this discussion topic and moved the replies.

2 Likes - compared to, it understands the PSL, understands Let’s Encrypt’s rate limits, and de-duplicates poisoned/real certificates. Since is no longer significantly delayed since some weeks now I’m not sure there’s a great reason to continue to prefer Google’s aggregator over

Edit: looks like I got IP banned by, hold off on this suggestion until I can address it …

Edit 2: we wern’t banned, they rotated their IPv4 address and I had them /etc/hosts'd from a time when their IPv6 was flakey. Whoops.


Thanks - added with the start page.

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OpenSSL and NMAP - not every server is exposed to the web so offline tools should be included as well

SSLYZE - python checker

Censys - CT searching via API

Keychest - CT proactive alerts

My Own Tool which i use for mail protocols (STARTTLS can be tricky to troubleshoot)

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Thanks. Added some links. The main focus are online tools with interactive checks.

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Just wanted to add to the list of DNS utilities:
very decent I believe.

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Thanks, now added. Changed the order, so the (now) three tools of active members are listed as (1).