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Managing Letsencrypt certificates - sometimes it’s difficult. So there is a closed topic with some annotations.

Third party Tools to check your configuration

If a link is broken or if you have ideas - send a PM or use this topic.

Hint to in error message
#2 is usefull too (For the TLS scanner mainly) for DNSSEC to test the IPv6 connectivity from different locations

maybe off topic :

Third-party-Tools to check your configuration
#3 Online curl tool Check if a record is available from all authoritative NS server.


Thanks. Added both, aggregated. If a site has a lot of tools, the start page or the page with the complete tool list is preferred.

One day later: Created this discussion topic and moved the replies.

#5 - compared to, it understands the PSL, understands Let’s Encrypt’s rate limits, and de-duplicates poisoned/real certificates. Since is no longer significantly delayed since some weeks now I’m not sure there’s a great reason to continue to prefer Google’s aggregator over

Edit: looks like I got IP banned by, hold off on this suggestion until I can address it …

Edit 2: we wern’t banned, they rotated their IPv4 address and I had them /etc/hosts'd from a time when their IPv6 was flakey. Whoops.


Thanks - added with the start page.




OpenSSL and NMAP - not every server is exposed to the web so offline tools should be included as well

SSLYZE - python checker

Censys - CT searching via API

Keychest - CT proactive alerts

My Own Tool which i use for mail protocols (STARTTLS can be tricky to troubleshoot)


Thanks. Added some links. The main focus are online tools with interactive checks.


Just wanted to add to the list of DNS utilities:
very decent I believe.

Still suffering from #1228 mixed case issue

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#12 from SERVFAIL looking up TXT (IDNA or DNSSEC issues?)


Thanks, now added. Changed the order, so the (now) three tools of active members are listed as (1).