Third party not supported my host provider

I have a reseller account with Namecheap and they do not support third party free ssl from whm. Is there a way i can bypass this and provide free ssl to my shared hosting clients?

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Unfortunately, you can’t provide that in easy ways.

You might need to do some manual setup first, (such as setup or other third part clients) then hope those clients can automate the process. (I’ve done that several times with namecheap hosting).
Anyway, there’s no such one-click button for namecheap, and you always need some manual actions before (possibly) automation can be achieved.

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I’ll be glad to be talked through the manual process then. Thank you.

Those manual process are pretty simple, and it’s setup and wait type of thing. The only big issue is, you’ll need to do that for each client in their shell environment for each website/domain.

What I used is (Let’s Encrypt and ISRG suggest certbot, but that can’t be used in cPanel non-root jailed shell), the only thing you’ll need to know is, the script has its own limitations. For example, add-on domains might have issue with the certificate (due to cPanel API limit).

Anyway, the steps to use on cPanel can be found in their official repository:

Hope that helps.

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