The second-level domain wildcard is the same as the name of the top-level domain certificate dns txt. Value is different


For example, the names of * and’s dns txt records are called but their values are different. This is unable to join the txt record, and can not be verified.
Help me


You can create multiple TXT records under a single DNS label.

For example:

$ dig +noall +answer txt 598 IN    TXT     "SLqPIPKURLJYkWvm8Xl1tpJP3WKNMNfYKqC0cCxHAxo" 598 IN    TXT     "7S4ZVbhZ0NU86o1qK0xnEaInqHRy4pB7KZem1nQva2Q"

Every DNS management interface should allow you to achieve this.

As long as at one of the values matches, no problem.


Hi @zhaosong

you have to create two TXT entries with the same domain name and different values.

PS: Sometimes there is a + - so you have one domain name, with + you can add additional entries.


A good DNS zone manager can add multiple TXT records for the same hostname.

How did you ask us for help exactly? :wink:


Checked your domain, there is a Letsencrypt - certificate with a lot of domain names, created today:

expires in 90 days	*, *,,,, - 6 entries

So it looks that you have found a solution.


Thank you, you bring me hope. I am trying.



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