Multiple challenges when requesting wildcard certificate for 3 domains

First of all thank you for this amazing service.
I am using certbot 0.26.0 on Ubuntu with Apache2.6 and I am trying to obtain a wildcard certificate for multiple domains (3).
Each domain I add without the asterisk e.g. -d and with the asterisk -d * so I provide 6 parameters in total.
I am having the following issue:
Certbot asks me to set up the _acme_challenge for each domain twice once for the domain without the wildcard, once with the wildcard. Therfore the challenges cannot complete. Because I can only verify one of them.

Please deploy a DNS TXT record under the name with the following value:


Before continuing, verify the record is deployed.

I will now investigate how to try and use the plugin, however I still believe the above mentioned behaviour is a bug.

Kind Regards

Hi @stepotronic

if you have two names * and, you have to create two txt dns-entries with the same name:

or only _acme-challenge, if your dns-menu adds per default.

and with the two different values. Then it works.

What's your domain name? Then it can be checked.


I had no idea you could have multiple entries with _acme-challenge. I thought those were supposed to be unique. Thank you very much, I will try that now.

I think I owe you a “it worked” :slight_smile: However I really dislike the fact that the challenge text changes so quickly. If you did not manage within a certain time, you have to wait again for some time.

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