The entire .Feedback TLD will be encrypted

We plan to encrypt all domains in the .Feedback top level domain by default as each name will be hosted on a platform once registered. The domains will be made available starting in January 6th. We wanted to announce it hear that we support the encryption of the web and hope that it helps people feel more confident when giving feedback.

I would like to make sure that all domains on the “Public Suffix List” are covered starting next week. We plan to expand to cover .realty, .forum, and several other TLDs.

Jay Westerdal
CEO of .Feedback Registry


wrong category?

since Site Feedback for LE internal only?

well trying to encrypt a whole domain is rather epic, but .feedback is in my opinion WAY TOO LONG for an internet address, okay it is memorable but typing long domains is annoying, especially on phone I just wonder why that recent explosion of TLDs, especially so many really long ones…

Does it mean you will activate (H)STS on it for all subdomains ?

@My1 It may be long, but domains to the left of the dot can be short. So we balance out. is 24 characters as an example and you use this site. :smile:

@tdelmas I am not sure how we will activate it for each domain. We will look into that. Every domain to will be encrypted.

Totally not related to let’s encrypt :
Maybe Adam Langley ( ) can give you more information :


It’s more than possible to preload and entire TLD and it’d be great to see that happen!