Howto Repository?

I’ve looked around a bit, and probably just missed it, but is there a repository for
“how to” articles ? I’ve written a tutorial that runs about 8 pages of LaTeX describing how I got LetsEncrypt wildcards working with split-horizon BIND, DNSSEC, Google Domains (the free DNS with minimal API), and I thought others might benefit from the adventure.



I’ve moved this topic from #server-config to #site-feedback to better address this suggestion.

Currently, I don’t think there is an official howto category in this forum. Most of the Howtos are in other sites (such as personal blogs, or sites like Medium…)

The idea of an “awesome-letsencrypt” repo (in the spirit of many other such pages) sounds pretty good really.

Or maybe expanding the scope of to have generalized resources, not just clients, maybe?

Otherwise, yeah, mostly blog posts.

Feel free to post a thread dedicated to your tutorial, those tend up to show up in search results pretty well.

I confess that I need to “pass the buck”. I don’t have the bandwidth to support an active repository. I do think that it would be a valuable resource. Anybody want to host such a thing ? 73 de Bill

I haven’t heard anything about someone with bandwidth offering to host such
a repository, but I do continue to think this is a good idea. Anyone have any
suggestions about a hosting venue ? I would be willing to help moderate,
or serve editorially. My personal server is at the end of a long long pipe in the
wilds of the last mile.

73 de Bill

I actually could…
Not sure what environment the system need though.

Thank you

Maybe something really simple - like just an FTP site, or maybe a phpBB site. Just a
repository for text files. If someone wants to write in LaTeX, they could post
the LaTeX source. If they want plain text, post that, if they want buttered goose grease,
post that. Let the filenames tell the subject, and let the downloader do so at his/her
own risk. Come to think of it, nothing other than text only!! Keep it simple, stupid,
and safe.
73 de Bill

I like the idea of a dedicated HowTo category right here on the community forum. The posts could be wiki posts so they can be tweaked over time as necessary. And as @_az mentioned, the posts here are already pretty good at showing up in general search results.


However, since Let’s Encrypt staff changed some requirements/limits on this forum… The make wiki option is now only available to T.L 4…

Does the trust level restriction still apply if they configure the category so all posts are wiki by default? Like, could only TL 4 people then create a post in that category? Or is it that only TL 4 people can edit one?

I haven’t actually played much with the feature. I just knew it existed.

I'm not really sure...

But only T.L 4 could make a wiki... People with enough T.L could still edit it.

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