The client lacks sufficient authorization :: Invalid response from http://


People don’t seem to be finding the help they are looking for.
We are seeing (and will continue to see) a lot of related authentication failures due to “invalid response from http://”.
The default TLS authentication has been deprecated and that seems to be the largest factor in these failures.
Maybe a PINNED, BOLD, & BLINKING topic that covers this in very explicit detail is required.


I guess the problem is not the deprecation per se, so much as Certbot’s recent switch to using HTTP-01 by default for renewals. I like the idea of making a sticky about it, but I’m not sure how one would go about wording it as there are a few different issues that can arise with different error messages (port 80 blocked, unusual vhost config) and they all have other possible explanations too. Any suggestions?

No doubt there’ll be a new wave when TLS-SNI-01 is actually disabled in production in February…


I guess some sort of logical questioning…
To at least point them in the right direction.
Things to check | ways to check them.
Changes to understand (and coming changes)


I think @JuergenAuer has already pinned a topic at #help. But it seems that people (at least some people ) so desperately need help that does not even check if there’s an help topic.

I was wondering if it’s possible to add a notification overlay (or whatever the bluebox that appears Everytime you open a new topic called) to suggest new users to view those post before opening a new topic…

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