Thanks for a Great, Free & Open Automated SSL System for Our Hosted Domains!

I’d like to thank Let’s Encrypt for starting and managing a great system!
Thanks to you, our users at Site Host Pros ( & HD Web Hosting ( enjoy a great automated SSL installation and auto-update system.

The one thing to watch out for that I have noticed, using it myself, is that the name servers need to be correct and resolving to the web host. This usually isn’t a problem for domains that are registered with the same service, but many people buy additional company name, vanity and easily misspelled or misunderstood domains to protect their main domain name through discount domain registration services such as Domain Hostmaster (though our prices are not at all bad, either).

It would be great if I could get Site Host Pros & HD Web Hosting listed as automated Let’s Encrypt SSL providers, is there a way I could request to be placed there?

Originally, I started out as Symbiotic Design and designed logos, graphics and websites, but I expanded my business dramatically into the tech industry because Network Solutions was jerking my brand name domains around. Since then, I have partnered with a variety of technology companies to create even more brands offering diversified services in order to accommodate my clientele with the very best technology options for them.

As a premium domain name speculator, investor, developer and sales guy (often referred to as a ‘domainer’), the impact that Let’s Encrypt has had on allowing me to keep my numerous intellectual properties and website assets secure and viable has been immeasurable.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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