Synology nas - wrong domain name showing?

My domain is:

i am running an synology nas with the current version: DSM 6.1.5-15254 Update 1
apache: 2.4

i followed the easy steps found here:

and as far as i can tell i have installed a cert that i should be able to use for some apps synology has.
however everytime i check the ssl with any ssl checker i get this…

Common Name = *

Subject Alternative Names = *,

Issuer = WoSign Class 3 OV Server CA G2

Serial Number = 655706C23A9B5EF48AC462B677BF962E

SHA1 Thumbprint = 7469A66B19C642A57B1DC0CF4957CAFA4FF41B7E

Key Length = 2048

Signature algorithm = SHA256 + RSA (excellent)

Secure Renegotiation: Supported

and i have no idea why foscam is showing up.

i use cloudflare, but the i am using goes right to the nas un-filtered.

Do you have a Comcast IP address beginning with The hostname for your NAS is a CNAME to a… Do you have a Synology or a Foscam NAS?

thats me and i have the cname pointed and its a synology nas, the * is the mystery.

Is your port 443 perhaps mapped to the wrong device?

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Upnp got me, was pointing to my webcam… thank you for your help.

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