Synology DDNS Domain Certification


Sorry for asking a primitive question but I really would like to have some support or knowledge.
So far I could not find the information.

I would like to have a certification for HTTPS of a synology

I have followed all the steps mentioned in many website, such as

but I still get the message operation failed or
Connection failed to lets encrypted.

My domain is: (provider Google Domain)
I have created dynamic DNS

Synology software: DSM 6.2-23739 Update 2

Port: 80 detectable (

No Firewall, VPN or Antivirus running

Static IP but I also changed to dynamic IP (both not having result)

Any idea how to solve would be welcome.


It does not seems that the website is accessable outside your network.

(Actually there's no IP assigned for your domain... which means you either misspelled the domain name or there's some issue with your dyn settings)

Can you please share us an more detailed version of this error message?

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