Switch to a differnt IP address / machine

Is it possible to generate the certificate one machine and use it there for a while and to switch to a new machine with a different IP address later on (by changing the A-record for the domain name)?

Can I just copy the config files of letsencrypt to the new machine?

I ran this command:
certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/example -d example.com

Yes, the IP address used doesn’t matter to Let’s Encrypt. Just the hostname or hostnames. If those will be equal in the “new” situation, all should be fine.


Hi @leolux

I don’t know.

Have both machines exact the same setup? Same OS, same patches? There are symlinks you have to “copy”.

Normally, it’s better to install a new Certbot, then create a new certificate.

Almost :slight_smile: The machines are virtual machines which are generated automatically running the same operating system. But the specs are different. Some machines have more CPU power.

Does the new certificate invalidate the “old” ceritifcate which already exists for the same domain?

No. Created certificate are permanent and read-only. But don’t revoke certificates if the private key is safe.

And check rate limits.

Perhaps read some basics:


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