Letsencrypt certificate for multiple ip addresses. Moving to another server

I'm moving my website to another server and i don't want to have downtime while updating certificate.
Can i generate Letsencrypt certificate for domain example.com for both ip addresses (for old and new server)?

those certs are not tied to an ip address so just copy them to new server and configure server to use them

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Hi @DangerD1024, welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

You can put a cert wherever you like; but it won't take the requests to that name with it.
Only DNS can control which IP(s) a name is tied to.

As far as:

Again, the certificate can be copied well in advance; So there won't be any downtime associated directly to the "certificate update".
Where you can expect some "downtime" is with any ongoing connections; Which will break when DNS forces the clients to switch over to the new server IP.
[presuming both servers will be online at the same time - at different IPs]
There you might want to better understand the options available to you in order to minimize the impact on any ongoing client experience.

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