Swapping certificates between two servers


I have two servers configured the same way :
Server 1 : production.domain.com
Server 2 : backup.domain.com

Server 1 has a hardware issue and I would like to replace it by Server 2 as the new production.domain.com

I have seen a message in this board advising to simply swap the /etc/letsencrypt directories between the two servers : https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/swapping-the-domains-pointed-at-servers/53421

A certbot engineer recommended conserving the symlinks. I wanted to check if I correctly copied those symlinks but I can’t find them anywhere. Where are they supposed to be located ?


Hi @Arg

that's ony relevant if you use Certbot.

If yes, check


/etc/letsencrypt/archive and /etc/letsencrypt/keys contain all previous keys and certificates, while /etc/letsencrypt/live symlinks to the latest versions.

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OK, thanks. Yes, I use certbot. I’ve found out that the symlinks where not broken during the copy :+1:


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