Swapping the domains pointed at servers

I have two servers each with letsencrypt certs and different domains:

Server 1 www.domain1.com domain1.com
Server 2 www.domain2.com domain2.com

I need to swap the domains pointing at the servers

Server 1 www.domain2.com domain2.com
Server 2 www.domain1.com domain1.com

From a Let’s Encrypt perspective, what do I need to do?

Thanks, appreciate the help…

  • Vince

Assuming you are using Certbot on both servers already, you can swap around the ‘/etc/letsencrypt’ directories on the two servers.

This would move the certificates and private keys, ACME account keys, and renewal configurations.

You would do this at the same time as migrating your domains and web server configurations.

Thank-you for your rapid response…

  • Vince

Be careful to use a method that preserves symbolic links when doing this, because Certbot relies on the symbolic link structures that it creates within that directory.

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