Support for new gTLDs such as .BANK

Will LE support the .BANK top-level-domain at the start of Open Beta?

doesnt it yet?I think they basically support everything that can be DNS’ed so you can get the IP of the server, the only thing that doesnt work yet is IPv6 only environments.

And internationalized domain names.

well yeah those too. as far as I know.

Does nobody know how to use search?

Was just a note to @My1 that IPv6 is not the only thing that’s currently not supported.

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well okay in here a lot is going on and I dont have a grasp on everything.

Just a note to @My1 may have been your intention but you sent it to the world.
There is a message button is for sending notes just to a person.

@NOYB Then you could have sent that one via private messages as well. :eyes:

And yes, I know how to use search, that’s the right post btw. (including the one following it)

@encirca Yes, new TLDs are already fully supported.

Yes I could have. But that did not meet my objective so I chose not to.