Subscriber agreement, 1.3 sept 2022, and diff from 1.2

I'm joining to make a comment on the new subscriber agreement and the assocated "diff" document.
Could you make the diff document available in plain-text please? Or at least pdf format. I don't have a docx application.


I believe your concerns were addressed in this topic:


Thanks. That thread is closed so I will put my thoughts here.

.docx (and .pdf for that matter) have the issue that you risk running malware by opening those documents - how about making a plain-text version available?

  1. it's a lot smaller
  2. you don't risk running macros etc by opening plain-text documents
  3. you don't need extra software packages to read it.
  1. Please don't publish the diff in a different format every time (docx for one, pdf for the other ...) but I will make an exception for plain text : -)

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