Subscriber agreement 1.0.1 -> 1.1.1 change - please publish a diff

Publishing the new agreement in a form that doesn’t even lend itself to comparison - for an otherwise completely open project seems a bit backwards.

Would you consider publishing both plaintext versions of the agreement AND an annotated “what has changed” or word-diff of the two versions?


Yep, you’re absolutely right that we should have a nice textual diff for all our policy docs. We wound up defaulting to Word (and exported PDFs) when starting out, because that’s usually the best way to collaborate on documents with lawyers. But of course it’s not the best way to collaborate with the public. :slight_smile:

I think the team is pretty aligned on moving towards nice, diffable, open formats for our policy docs in the future. For now, Word is all we’ve got. But Kenn White did an awesome thing and extracted the text to do a public diff:


Word does diff though. At least when using it with e.g. Tortoise SVN. Not sure how ‘extractable’ the result is though.

Here’s the diff in MS Word form, “track changes” from v1.01. to v1.1.1:

As Jacob said, this is in Word because it’s how we collaborate with our attorneys. We may move to something textual (markdown) on github at some point.

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