Feedback Requested on Subscriber Agreement v1.3 Draft

Let's Encrypt Community,

We are working on an update to the Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement and we'd like to get the community's input on the v1.3 draft.

Links to draft documents have been removed because they are no longer the current drafts.

The changes are mainly intended to provide additional clarity and bring the agreement in line with upcoming root program requirements.

Let me know here if you have any thoughts on the potential changes.

Thank you,


“Certificate Transparency Log” — A electronic system designed to make a tamper-evident list
“Certificate Transparency Log” — An electronic system designed to make a tamper-evident list

You warrant to ISRG and the public-at-large, and You agree, that before providing a reason for revoking Your Certificate, you will have reviewed the revocation guidelines found in the “Revocation Reason Codes” section of the Let’s Encrypt documentation available at Documentation - Let's Encrypt, and that you will provide Your corresponding revocation reason code with awareness of such guidelines.

I can't find a section named Revocation Reason Codes in the current docs. Is this still WIP, i.e. is there a PR I have missed? Making users to find that link on their own (instead of linking directly to the applicable subpage) is also not really preferable, though I understand that having a guaranteed-stable direct link in a legal document may be an issue.

There's also the option to revoke without providing a reason, right? That should be mentioned somewhere, at least on that external Reason Code site.

ISRG willmay provide notice of revocation via email to the email address of record.

A bit disappointing to see this weakened, though I understand that this probably enables you to do faster revocations in urgent scenarios (or to be more agile with revocation in general).


Thanks for the "a" vs. "an" typo fix.

We haven't actually added the revocation reason codes doc on the website yet, but we will before the new SA goes live. The doc will explain when providing no reason code is appropriate.


Any claim, suit or proceeding arising out of this Agreement must be brought in a state or federal court
located in San Jose, California.

Might read clearer with some additional location detail, as:

Any claim, suit or proceeding arising out of this Agreement must be brought in a state or federal court
located within the {City | County | Municipality | Jurisdiction} of San Jose, California, USA.

What is "San Jose, California"? [a City, County, (not-so)well-known Californian saint, wine country, etc.]
These certs are used everywhere throughout the entire Internet.
If you don't know... you just don't know. Might as well have said "Roswell, New Mexico".
[Where are Waldo and Carmen San Diego?]


Thank you all for your feedback! A final draft has been posted and schedule for release: