Struggling to get SSL run after certificate was created successfully

I have a problem with Letsencrypt on a page that handles critical data. That’s why I don’t want to write it in public (as long as SSL doesn’t work properly).

Is there the possibility to write the problem to someone first via private message and then publish it with all details depending on the problem and agreement?

I’d like to briefly outline the problem:

I created a certificate with cert-autobot on my Linux VPS and then created the following data with openssl pkcs12 and keytool:

cert.pem  chain.pem  fullchain.pem  keystore.jks  pkcs.p12  privkey.pem

According to the logs under /var/log/letsencrypt there were no errors. Everything is okay.

Congratulations! Your certificate and chain have been saved at:
Your key file has been saved at:

For the web app I use the Spark-Java webframework which runs with the embedded webserver Jetty. In the application I implemented the code lines for the keystore at the right place (before first route request according to webframework documentation).

String keyStorePath = "/etc/letsencrypt/live/";
String keyStorePassword = "mypassword";
secure(keyStorePath, keyStorePassword, null, null);

If I now open my domain with https a “Website not found” error occurs (as before I installed the certificate).

If I open the domain with http, a download dialog opens instead of the page by asking me to download a file with the type ‘application/octet-stream’. The page itself is not loaded. If I remove the three code lines again, the http request works fine again.

I’ve been struggling with this problem for a few days. I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

Hi @plaintext

I don't see a certificate problem.


a configuration problem of your website. But I don't know how "Spark-Java" handles that. Looks like there is an error.

Same, sounds like a wrong configuration. If this error doesn't exist if you remove these lines, your http / https configuration looks wrong.

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@JuergenAuer Thanks a lot for your response.

It helps me you confirmed that it probably is not a certificate issue. I think I need to dig deeper into the configuration stuff.


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