Using letsencrypt certificate for webmin



I have created a letencrypt certificate using certbot-auto and my certificate works absolutely fine on however I would like to do the same for my webmin which is on address so into webmin configuration fine I have typed file location which is exactly the same as the one for website which works:


So that should work but when I go to my webmin, google is giving me this:


What should I do to fix it? I know there is a way because people have done it


What is the rest of the information you have in that section ? My first guess is that you are probably missing a " SSLEngine on"

I think webmin usually needs the key and cert in a single file by default - miniserv.pem


ssl=1 so therefore ssl must be enabled, is there a way to combine these files together?


simply concatenate them. From SSH this would be

cat privkey.pem cert.pem > miniserv.pem


works perfect, cheers! not only in this topic but overall you have been a great help :wink:


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