STATUS:2:Failed to get domain ip from cpanel

Renewal failed with above error message in log file.

hostname in cert has no AAAA record, only A .

DNS is provided by 4 anycast nameservers (IPv4 & IPv6), extern to cpanel.

Any hints are highly welcome.

Thank you.


Which Let’s Encrypt client/plugin are you using?

letsencrypt version: 0.5.0

The error message ( Failed to get domain ip from cpanel ) would indicate to me that there is some kind of integration going on with the cPanel API, and that the issue is occurring during that process.

However, it isn’t clear from the information you’ve provided, where this error message is coming from, and I wasn’t able to find any clients that produce this error message.

The letsencrypt client (now called certbot) doesn’t natively have any knowledge of cPanel, so this is likely to be a customization or hook. If you have more information about your setup it could help narrow things down.

Please contact us directly.

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