State of certificate auto-renewal in Ubuntu 18.04?


This is a pretty simple question. I’m running Ubuntu 18.04, I’m super new to lets encrypt, but it’s working perfectly fine and my domain is now using the certificate provided by the automated certbot process (for nginx).

Regarding auto renewal, there’s a lot of misleading info in Google, and - I believe - that renewal is now automatically handled when one does the automated cert deploy for nginx in Ubuntu. I think there’s a systemd process that will execute the renewal process (I did a --dry-run and that is working fine.)

How can I verify that the auto renewal has been setup in my machine, and when will it happen?

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Hi @Goles

normally, certificates are renewed if they are less then 30 days valid.

So check your website in 62 days. If you see a new certificate, the job is done. If not, you have enough time to fix it.


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