Staging server - still down

Whats going on with the staging server being down for almost 24 hours now?

I can’t do development deployments !

Some datacenter work is taking longer than expected. Unlike the production service, the staging service isn't replicated across data centers and is dead in the water until it is done. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just some feed back on a couple of inter-related issues.

I’m trying to get a new app deployed and I’m currently dead in the water, partly my own fault, but it does bring to light problems with lets encrypt.

I’ve had a few problems with the deployment process into production which has resulted in me using up the ‘5 per week’ limit on live certificates.

Its a small internal app so I’ve resorted to using a test certificate, but now I can’t even use that so deployment is a no go.

I’m sure this has been discussed before but it really highlighted the problems of the ‘5 per week limit’.
Its not that hard to screw up installs with new apps and exceed the 5 per week limit and at that point you a screwed for a whole week.

The ‘per week’ model is a really bad idea.

I can see possible scenarios where a production system could be down for a week if someone screwed up badly enough. This could be enough to put a business out of business.

‘5 per day’ would be a much better no.


Oh, is there an ETA on the staging servers coming back up?

It’s back, see here

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