Staging Server Error

Hi Lets Encrypt.

Multiple, | for example

I represent a hosting company (Rootnet)
We run a script testing SSL requests first on your staging server and when successfull it does so again on live. This is to prevent being ratelimited for too many failing requests.
The staging server has been failing since today while the live server is doing fine.
Could you please check the staging server on errors so we can resume testing our requests there?
Switching directly to live would surely cause ratelimiting of our IP's and the work around can't be done manually for the amount of clients we have.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community, Danny! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was able to acquire a staging certificate with my own ACME client CertSage just a moment ago. If you provide more details about the trouble you are facing, we can likely assist you further.


Yeah, you're going to have to say what error you're getting. Staging is working for me as well, and the two domain names you've posted look to have received certificates (from the prod system) within the last few weeks.


Could you please provide more information (which challenge is used, the ACME client used, the exact error message et cetera)? While Let's Encrypt staff could probably search for your hostnames in the logs, most of the users on this Community are just volunteers and are not Let's Encrypt staff.


Using I see you got staging certs for the www subdomains of both your examples today. I concur with my fellow volunteers, we need more details


The only notable Staging difference right now is the upgraded Unbound, noted here: Potential networking / client changes on DNS Challenges - #17 by jcjones

That's definitely on track to go to production ASAP.


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