SSL not showing all the time?

Hi Guys Just installed lets encrypt via Direct admin cpanel

I changed the .htaccess to redirect
but when i click on the links it says secure for a short time but then clicks back to unsecured but still forwarding to https

any ideas?


says installed ok when i clicked it and when clicking on a new link it says secured for 1 second then clicks back to normal?

Thanks in advance

Insecure call.
Found on line # 196 in file:
Insecure call.
Found on line # 225 in file:

(Note: Chrome will show a security error for any secure page with an insecure call on the page)

See: check.php?url= (direct link doesn't work, manually provide your URL.)

hi socomtactical

I found that after a while your https site does load however it’s very slow

your re directions or rewrites aren’t working on the HTTP site

If its CPanel running Apache you can find a working SSL config example here (you can ignore the bad blocker part unless you want to use it).

A lot of people do not ever properly setup their port 80 redirects.

( - the locations of the certificate files in that example are for a standard Cpanel config, you will change those to /etc/letsencrypt/live/yourdomain/cert.key etc etc etc

for a sample Nginx confuration file with proper redirects to SSL you can have a look here


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