Ssl issue in my wildcard virtual subdomain

Hey i bought vps hosting couple of days ago. And my developer tried to install ssl in my server. However, ssl couldnot be implemented in wildcard virtual subdomain.
My domain is: (ssl working) (ssl working) (ssl not working).

My web server is (include version): VPS SSD
The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Ubuntu 20.04 (64 Bit)

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: contabo vps hosting

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don't know):yes

@bhattaraiprabin998 Welcome to the community.

How did you create the certificates you have? I see these:

Did your hosting service create them? Or, did you use one of their admin panels? Or maybe something like Certbot? If Certbot, would you show the command you used?

I also noticed your
redirects to:
(note http to https and different domain name)

That may not be related to the problem issuing a cert. It just looks unusual from what you describe.


Hi mike, actually my developer created the ssl . I think he used certbot as i can see the folder inside the subdomain link.He is able to implement the ssl in main domain and subdomain but couldn’t integrate in virtual wildcard subdomain.

yes , idk whats wrong with it as
redirects to:

while go to the domain what we are looking for and it shows insecure ssl.

Can you please help me with this. I can give you credentials or pay you if i have to . My email is .

I do not know what you mean by that. If Certbot was used please show the command.

Also, what is the need for a wildcard? Will you have a large number of subdomains of

You should edit your post to remove your email address. Many people here will help you for free - including me. But, we need to know more info.


hi mate, yes we would have large number of subdomain so developer has created wildcard system. So basically ‘’ is the main domain of vps server . I installed webmin in main domain and it created auto ssl in every virtual server i created through webmin panel.Another main subdomain which i created was ‘’ where the main script goes. We installed our script. Through script developer created wildcard system . So when i create ‘something’ wildcard it will be ‘’ . Problem is ‘’ created through our script doesnot show secured ssl.
I can give you server access if you can help me so i mentioned email as i don’t wanna make credentials online.

I don't see that you are using a wildcard certificate though. Your terminology confused me.

I also do not see that you created a certificate for the domain name. See:
These are lists of all certificates that have been created but you can see it is missing. That is why your https URL is failing - there is no certificate. You should review the script used to request that.

I am not familiar with webmin and it sounds like you are using a custom script so I am not sure how much more help I can be. Perhaps someone else here can suggest something. Or, ask your hosting provider - their website says they offer full support. Sorry


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