SSL is not working

I installed the SLL certificate on my Windows Service using ACME. I can see the Binding and it looks OK but the domain is not secured…

My domain is:

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Hi @MaayanD

checking your domain you have created a new certificate -

Issuer not before not after Domain names LE-Duplicate next LE
Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 2019-11-07 2020-02-05 - 1 entries duplicate nr. 1

But your https is invisible, only timeouts. Your http / port 80 works.

Is there a blocking firewall?

Works https internal?


in a DosBox from that machine?

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Thank you. No, it is not accessible with Curl as well. I get Timeout


Check the local firewall and ensure there is a listener on port 443.

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Perhaps share a screenshot of your bindings.

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That looks good. No specific ip address selected (sometimes a problem), SNI is required, no typo visible.

If the website is started, it should work internal (DosBox + curl + ).

If it doesn’t work internal, there is a blocking instance you have to find.

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