SSL is not working in Containerized app


Hi all,

I have setup Lets Encrypt into my Nginx docker container and created SSL certificates for my domain but after reloading Nginx I am unable to access my domain with https in the browser.
looking for help.


Hi @mustafabutt

what’s your domain name?

You can use some of the online tools of that list to check your domain:


@JuergenAuer Thanks for your response.
I cannot share my domain name sorry about that. Https works well when I run the app outside docker, the only problem is when I run it inside docker.


Is nginx outside of Docker or inside docker


@orangepizza its inside docker. There are three containers running
1 App cont.
2 Mongodb
3 Nginx (Lets encrypt is setup in this container and exposed port 80 and 443.


Hi all,
Solved, There was an issue in configuration.
thanks for attention.

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