SSL for Docker Containers Showing error

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  1. I have Docker I am running “N” number of containers for development for those containers I am running under Nginx-proxy container for domain naming.

  2. I am using this image for proxy “jwilder/nginx-proxy”

  3. my problem is I installed SSL for one of my dev server( that is working fine but when I installed for another container( it’s installed properly but when I am accessing through the browser it showing error like this

This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

  1. But each container has their own keys.

And each has its' own IP?
How does the proxy access the sites?

  1. For all containers only one public ip but each container have private ip so proxy redirect traffic ussing domain names.
  2. Without public ip we cant asign SSL?

You can use dns-01 - validation. But this is not the problem, because is working. Looks like a problem with the local configuration, so gets the wrong certificate.

@bhargav4108 why are your containers issuing their own certificates if you are using nginx-proxy? Shouldn’t nginx-proxy be issuing certificates for each of your containers?

Are you using as suggested by the nginx-proxy README?

I hope this one is helpfull to me.

Thank you

docker containers are stateless - you should insert certs as part of the startup process or share a volume with certificates

having spent the last 9 months working with kubernettes and docker the one i have learnt is how many people don’t get this concept

so let me explain that a bit more

if you mount a volume of the underlying linux system (e.g. ubuntu) you should mount the etc/letsencrypt volume which will let you access certificates that the host has obtained

Otherwise you can insert the certificates you have obtained as environmental variables

i.e. -

the way you do it it’s up to you but you do need to keep that in mind. Containers are not virtual machines therefore persistence is not a an attribute that docker containers have


Let me know if you want a tutorial

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Thanks for your information, yes i need tutorials. i am begginer for docker can you please share.
I am not using docker for production, i started for developement servers.

hi @bhargav4108

Someone else wrote a good tutorial :smiley:


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