Internal Error when creating SSL Certs/NGINX

My domain

I’m running NGINX proxy manager in a docker environment. I’m trying to set up remote access for my docker containers

When requesting SSL certs I receive an internal error

I’ve tried using Duckdns and Cloudflare using the DNS challenge but it will not provide me with a cert.

Everything appears correct and I’m not seeing what I’m missing here.

What app is that screen shot of?
On Android?


Michael, if that's a screenshot of your real cloudflare API token then I would suggest changing that in cloudflare immediately.


Screenshot is of Nginx in a docker running on a PI 4

It wasn't but I did edit it though because I thought I had cropped out my email address.. TY though. Any thoughts on why I can't pull a certificate from Let's encrypt?

Is your docker container able to make outgoing https requests ok? e.g. can it talk to OK?


Never seen that before, but I always use the CLI for nginx.


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